Steve Irwin Memorial Podcast – Episode 1: Rhinos

| July 17, 2015

rhinoMidcoast Station is proud to present the first ever Steve Irwin Memorial Podcast. This series is a comical and informative podcast about animals that’s hosted by Cameron Batschke and joined by unqualified animal “expert” guest hosts. However, we ensure that the podcast is done in the most professional manner possible, with absolutely no consumption of alcohol or other mind-altering substances. We give you the Midcoast guarantee, but still this might not be child appropriate…Unless it’s the “Just for Kids” segment, but even still.

This week’s animal topic is the rhinoceros.

  1. SIMP Ep1 Part 1 SIM-P1 26:22
  2. SI PC Part 2 SIM#1 P2 27:01
  3. SI PC Part 3 SIMP#1 P3 18:59

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