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Logan: There Will be Blood…and Tears

| March 9, 2017

With the box office numbers for the first week coming in, one thing is clear. Logan is a hit. In his last go as Wolverine, Hugh Jackman and Mangold went all in with their chips. The result is a movie with a ton of hype and for good reason.

The cinematography alone proves that this film is in a class that most other comic-adjacent films can’t touch. The immediate outcry for a black-and-white version tells you a lot about how the visuals in the movie (and marketing materials leading up to release) set a tone that was so artistic that you almost forget that the Marvel graphic ran at the beginning. It’s just too well-shot and gritty for anything that Fox or Disney has put out to date for Marvel.

I don’t know if any of the Oscar buzz is legit but I’m telling you that I’d personally think about Patrick Stewart when Best Supporting Actor comes around. Hugh Jackman is Wolverine and we expect him to put in an awesome performance regardless of script or editing issues. What I wasn’t ready for was the new depth that Stewart was going to bring to Xavier. (Ball’s in your court now, McAvoy.) Boyd Holbrook (Narcos) makes a believable asshole. Something that we saw solid glimpses of in Narcos was taken to much farther depths and it works. Pierce was a believable and persistent threat to both Logan and little Laura. Speaking of which, I don’t know how many movies I actually want to see her in (why can’t we let just one good performance stand) but Dafne Keen brought a lump to the back of my throat in a few scenes. She was awesome and I think that I’m going to be more than a little afraid of her in real life for a while.

All in all, I think that this was a solid case of a studio letting the creative direction of its director run free and James Mangold hit a homerun. I don’t see a better way to handle Jackman’s walk into the sunset than this movie. It earned it’s R rating and had more heart than just about any film so far in 2017.

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