‘Landslide’ Covers – Did They Rise Above, or Did the Landslide Bring Them Down?

| November 12, 2011

We all know that when it comes to books, movies, songs – the list could go on and on – nothing beats the original. After hearing a horrible rendition of “Landslide” on The X Factor, I wondered, how many people have covered this song? – better yet, who has actually done it justice? Not counting the no names on YouTube, there’s quite the list of popular performers who have covered “Landslide,” and some covers are surprisingly good; some are a bit more interesting. Fleetwood mac's landslide has been covered many times

Smashing Pumpkins
A lot of people probably know this cover and really like it because they’re already fans of the Smashing Pumpkins. It’s definitely got that Billy Corgan … uh, touch.

Dixie Chicks
Also a popular version. Three-part harmonies and banjo pickin’ give the original a twangy twist, although it does lack the soul and roughness of the original.

Glee/Gwyneth Paltrow
I’m no gleek – I’ve never seen so much as a clip of Glee. But I knew Gwyneth could sing, and she really brings it in this cover. A little less country than the Dixie Chicks, but closer to their version than to the original.

Miley Cyrus
Look, I know you’re already thinking, “This is gonna be awful.” And I was ready to tell you that you’re right, but it’s surprisingly not awful, not at all. Her low (man) voice works for this cover.

Gavin Rossdale
This isn’t the best one, but there’s something very honest in the way he sings it, a boyish quality. Even though his voice is shaky, it’s a sweet, endearing version.

Tori Amos
Before you listen, you need to know that you’re either going to love this or hate this. It wins the award for the most “different” on this list.

Fleetwood Mac
Because nothing beats the original.

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  • coolerjbv

    Look up Antony Hegarty’s cover. It’s so beautiful!

  • Ashlee

    I just heard the Smashing Pumpkins cover of Landslide on the radio. I’ve heard better versions of this song in karaoke bar, at 1am, with everyone drunk. Sucks. Very disappointed.