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GOTG Volume 2: Very Funny But…

| May 5, 2017


Marvel at its best? Nope. Marvel at its funniest? Yep. Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 takes everything that a lot of people love about Marvel movies and almost parodies it so much that we don’t care about the obvious flaws that plague most of them. I’ll start off by saying that I liked the movie. I judge it differently than Civil War or Winter Soldier…or anything where I expect a really good action movie. Instead, I judge it independently as a comedy. It’s more akin to GOTG Volume 1 and Ant-Man. They were comedies that were loosely based in the MCU, albeit with GOTG Volume 1 having way better action than the others.

If you love Baby Groot, you will love him and then get sick of him and then love him again over the course of the movie. Marvel and Gunn knew what was going to sell merchandise and hit you over the head with it like no other. They set that tone early and, while I didn’t run a clock on the screen time dedicated to each character, far more than necessary was placed on Baby Groot for…marketing reasons. It’s not the best storytelling but holy shit is it cute!

Before I get into who stole the show, I would like to send a middle finger out to all of the talk shows that let the surprise drop of Sly get out! That would have been an awesome and epic moment if not for being able to recognize his voice FAR too soon because I knew that he was going to be in the film. I won’t spoil what he does or how but just know that I, once again, am mad at a department for not keeping a reveal under wraps.

So, who stole the show? Bradley Cooper. We loved him in the first but he arguably is the center character of this film. Pratt may be the star but Cooper’s dialogue and relationships are more of the driver in this film than Quill’s. That’s saying a lot of if you know the synopsis of the film. Cooper actually goes on a bit of a journey and provides the better jokes throughout the film.

I’m going to be honest. There were a legitimate 20 minutes of this film when I got tired of the whole thing. I found myself thinking, “Well, this is all that they’ve got and if I hear one more cheap joke, I’m going to rip this thing to shreds.” In the end, it brought me back around. I liked the movie and it did bring heart from a number of characters.

Just as you feared, the villain in the film is boring and forgettable. MCU’s lack of great villains continues. Looking at the characters that they have the rights to, I don’t see that changing anytime soon either. The villain isn’t quite as dumb as Ronin but that’s an extremely low bar to set.

Overall, is this movie as good as the first GOTG? No. The first one was a pretty awesome movie though. This one is a funnier, albeit slightly shallower version of that film. I laughed out loud a lot but can’t imagine myself enjoying it more than a few times through. There are a lot of good elements but the jokes aren’t quotable enough to be awesome and many are too simple to enjoy more than once. Some will probably make me laugh any time that I hear them.  It doesn’t have the elements that make for a movie that ages well.

It leaves me feeling lukewarm about Volume 3. I love these actors as the team but, I am concerned about how much lazier they’ll get after this one makes a crapload of money. It is a fun summer ride though until Wonder Woman. (Please don’t let that one stink.)

Side note: I’m pretty sure that Gunn and the rest of the writing crew loved the latest Star Trek finale because they seemed to milk the crap out of the same premise. You’ll see what I mean after you watch the film.

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