District 13 hacks Panem’s Capitol in Hunger Games movie viral marketing stunt?

| October 3, 2011

TheCapitol.pn, a site set up as a special promotion for the upcoming “The Hunger Games” movie, has picked up its activity over the last few days, but Sunday’s activity left a few fans scratching their heads. Is it possible this unusual activity on the Panem site was an act of rebellion from the supposedly eradicated District 13?

This past weekend, TheCapitol.pn began processing passes for Districts 12, 7 and 8. The site also added a countdown to the film among its other updated features. All this is normal character for the Capitol, but Sunday, all this disappeared and the usual Capitol seal was replaced with a block of Latin.

Capitol hacked - the hunger games

This mysterious block of Latin was quickly discovered to be Juvenal’s “Satire X.” Juvenal wrote this to display his contempt of “declining heroism” and Roman politicians that resorted “panem et circenses” — “bread and circuses” — as the easiest way to rise to power. This idea of “panem et circenses” is a major theme of “The Hunger Games’ book and where the nation of Panem gets its name, but it isn’t a concept the Capitol probably wants to spread around. This Latin takeover seems to be an act of rebellion — District 13? Viral marketing?

The only response from the Capitol has been this tweet: “Citizens of Panem: Those who cannot remember the past are condemned.”


The site has since been returned to normal, but one thing’s for sure…it’s probably a good idea to keep an eye on thecapitol.pn to see what else is in store for “The Hunger Games” fans.

The Capitol seal - the hunger games

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