Feel the underwhelming 3D wrath in ‘Wrath of the Titans’

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Come back with me on a journey through time. It is Christmas Day, 1990 and The Godfather III is just opening. For 16 years people had been waiting for a sequel for what were perhaps the 2 best American films ever made. After seeing the completion of the trilogy, people were left with a bad taste in their mouths (I imagine. I was 3 at the time so I didn’t see it). Upon reflection it isn’t that it is a bad movie, it’s just didn’t live up to the standard of the first 2. How could it?

Now take that scenario and make it the complete opposite. 2010’s Clash of the Titans was universally panned. The acting was bad, the writing was bad, the action was dull and because of a rushed 3D job you couldn’t see anything (some would say that they wish they hadn’t actually seen it). In fact the 3D was so bad that it almost killed all of the great momentum the technology had from Avatar.

Wrath of the Titans tells the story (I use this phrase loosely) of Perseus, son of Zeus, as he is forced to fight through the Underworld to save his father from Hades and stop him from releasing the Titans.

Sam Worthington has been unimpressive as an actor and his second crack at the role of Perseus will not sway his doubters. He certainly looks convincing in fight scenes, but in scenes that feature him using words instead of his fists he is anything but convincing. He lacks the screen presence that some of his peers have that really draws you to them while they are on screen and make you anxious for their next scene.

Ralph Fiennes as Hades and Liam Neeson as Zeus are both quite goodactors but are given such poor material that you kind of just want them both to die so they don’t have to appear in a third movie (God, please don’t let there be a third movie).

While watching the movie I thought quite a lot of the production design looked familiar, but I couldn’t quite figure out the familiar film. Then I remembered that it wasn’t a film, it was the video game God of War III. Many sets and characters designs are almost lifted straight out of that video game. As the movie ended I couldn’t help but wish I had spent the preceding 100 minutes playing that game instead of watching this movie.

When Avatar was released to a record-breaking box office take studios rushed to have all their ‘tentpoles’ offered as 3D films.Perhaps none was as rushed as Clash of the Titans. When you watch a movie in 3D you are essentially watching a movie while wearing sunglasses so they need to be brighter. Clash of the Titans seemingly did nothing to compensate for this and it became nearly impossible to tell what was happening on screen. Wrath of the Titans was filmed in 3D and the effects actually looked quite good. There were a few instances of the gimmicky ‘stuff flying at you’ 3D but it seemed to mostly be used to add depth, and it did it quite well.

Unlike the impossible expectations that faced The Godfather III, Wrath of the Titans can still be a bad movie and be better than the Clash of the Titans. And it is. On both counts. I just wish that they spent as much time to fix the other problems of the franchise that they seemingly spent to fix the 3D. I enjoyed it more than Clash of the Titans, although that isn’t saying much.


2 out of 5 Stars


Nathan enjoys film, music, sports and most of all, speaking in the third person.

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Nathan enjoys film, music, sports and most of all, speaking in the third person.
  • O0soul
  • http://www.facebook.com/nathan.halstead Nathan Halstead

    apologies. after further looking in to i see that it wasn’t shot in 3D but it was planned to be a 3D release from the start. the point is still valid that the 3D in it is better than the last one, because it was at least planned for 3D instead of a 6 week conversion rush-job.

  • Starlet

    I knew I would hate it from the previews. It was so much better to read your review than to waste my money!

  • Micah

    My suspicions have been confirmed.

    But as long as I get to see Sam Worthington riding a wingy horse in a skirt, I’m good.